How Do You Get Kidney Stones (Children)

How Do You Get Kidney Stones

How Do You Get Kidney Stones

For school-aged children, the risk for getting kidney stones is on the rise. Although, there is a good chance that this can still be treated, it is frustrating to have your child suffer from the extreme pain of having untreated kidney stones. It is extremely important for you to know the factors that bring about kidney stones in a child.


Kidney stones reflect an abnormality or obstruction in the urinary tract. There is a connection between the kidney and the bladder, and that particular tube is very vulnerable with obstructions. Also there is a disease, which serves as a precursor for kidney stones such as spina bifida.


Childhood obesity increases the risk of a child having kidney stones. Children who have less than healthy lifestyle, which include their diet, there is a much bigger probability of them forming stones. For example, those who taking a salty diet without adequate water or fluids are more keen to developing problems with the kidneys later on. Sometimes the weather also affects the rate in which children get dehydrated, so kids living in warm areas are more prone to developing kidney stones.


Heredity also plays a big role in answering the question of how do you get kidney stones as a kid. There are predisposing factor that may result to a more than normal amount of calcium deposited into the urine.


There are also medications that the child might be taking that have led to the condition of large calcium deposits in the renal stones. This could fairly lead to the question how do you get kidney stones in children.


How do you get kidney stones in children involve a lot of factors for them. In their young age, they are very vulnerable against these unfortunate realities. It pays to know the causes so you as the parent can protect your child by preventing these to happen.


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How Do You Get Kidney Stones